Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wear your helmet! [a lesson from Riverside]

Here's Karl having fun at the Vallures show/house party.
Good times were had...

...maybe too much fun, eh?

He didn't put his helmet on when it was time to ride- please don't make that mistake! Even those this happened on the street instead of the polo court the result could've been exactly the same.

Luckily our polo circle counts among it both an EMT and a Registered Nurse.

Still, one trip to the hospital later..

Please wear your helmet!



  1. lol that kid is wearing the same shirt in all those photos!

  2. yeah, I didn't bother to change after I got home from the ER 'cause I had to do some stuff before the tourney started.

    I do have a helmet, I just never wear it.

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