Monday, April 16, 2012

This weekend - the 62th annual Little 500!


Maybe you're not familiar with this event, but for the past six decades Indiana University in Bloomington has been holding one of the world's greatest cycling events. No pro athletes or millions of dollars at stake- just students racing for pride. Oh yeah, and our little city loses it's mind with the non-stop partying...

If any polo players are gonna be in town this weekend hit me up if you need a place to stay. Lots of drinking and revelry, probably pickup at some point, and we'll watch our own Megan B race for the ladies' crown.


PS - if you wanna get in on all the drama and shit-talk, head over to Geraint's Bloomington Velo News where he just posted his odds for the race:

Mens Little 500. April 21st 2pm.

Phi Delta Theta- 4/1 co-fav. Sharp is the joint-fastest guy on the track, they lose a little without West yet showed in TP they are ready. Have been the aggressors the past two years but with arguably the best sprinter will they have a different strategy this year? Will carefully watch the laps this year.....

Delta Tau Delta- 4/1 co-fav. RJ Stuart is a best rider on or off the track but are DTD too reliant on him? As usual I would expect a wait-and-see strategy with RJ trying to break it open late in the race. DTDs have ridden above their abilities in recent years and if they can again, they could very well win.

Cutters- 4/1 co-fav. They have to still be favoured with all their experience. Not sure who make the team (info please...) but Walsh recently won a good road race. Depasse and Nixon are going well yet Schroeders results suggest he's a little off the boil. However his previous 2 rings have come from a supporting role...can he step up to lead this year?

Beta Theta Pi- 5/1. 2012 has been the year of Beta! Four good riders gave an excellent TP. Some doubts about their ability to ride in a straight line and won't win a sprint so will need to break it up to win. The question is whether they want to win or will be happy with top 3?

Black key Bulls- 8/1. A very solid squad who showed well in TP and throughout the spring. Experience behind the scenes but have been found lacking on race day in the past few years. Can they put it all together this year. Again, like Beta will they be happy with a top 3?

Sigma Chi- 12/1. Two excellent riders but the TP was a worry. Wasn't aware Tom S had left their side and whatever you think, he is an overall benefit. Will likely be able to hang with the leaders so who knows what might happen. Morrow is a fighter for sure!

Theta Chi- 14/1. Really stepped up their speed this year after just outside the top ten in 2011. Good to see that level of progression and a good top ten may put them in a position to truly compete next year. They could be there at the end and then who knows....

Sigma Phi Epsilon- 16/1. Don't know anything about these guys but Torrance did a great ITT and the TP was solid. Look good on paper but inexperience may cost them in the race.

Acacia- 16/1. Unspectacular in ITTs but returning a full team from a top 5 in 2011. Will they be happy with the same this year or can Bortz propel them higher?

FIJI- 16/1. Desperate for a win and they think they can do it. Pride comes before a fall but you have to aim high right? Top 5 would be a good result.

The Field- 20/1. The Mens field always throws up a surprise or two so don't count out Delta Chi, SNU, DSP, CSF, CRU, Kap Sig to make the top ten. No winners in that group though....


  1. ha ha... "62th". I like that.

  2. lo-fuckin-l i didn't even notice that!