Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcoming tournaments...

Just got signed up for Eastsides with Mr.Magoo and Frank the Tank! From the list of teams it looks like Ann Arbor A, Columbus, LEX, and the COMO younguns are all gonna be there! Who wants to pitch a tent city at polo camp?!?

Then of course the granddaddy of them all- the Jenny Cup. Tree City will be reppin' Bloomington and taking this one seriously. That might even mean *gasp* sleeping in a hotel room for once!

Then there's this! I'm really excited about this one. Dougie Fresh gave me the heads up a while ago but i'm super stoked it's all coming together! A shuffle tourney means no set teams and we'll all be mixing it up in the middle of Illinois.. can't wait!

But before all that can happen- LADIES ARMY!!! Adam Say, Quinn, and I are playing the co-ed on friday, but look for me to be wearing the zebra stripes saturday/sunday and harassing Machine while he provides live commentary to the world! This year just keeps getting better and better!

See y'all on the court.