Monday, May 21, 2012

Beaver Boys three-peat at Midwests!

Dynasty. What else can i say? Kremin, Dillman, and Burge three-peat as Midwest Champions, and that's not even including their win from Dayton (so four titles total)! You guys are true slayers and are constantly raising the bar!

It was an excellent weekend all around. Many thanks to Madison for putting on a great tourney! Big love to my boys Travis and Evan- we're about to break that glass ceiling! Mitten boys i love you guys glad we got to play. Nick Dellwo you stepped up to the big leagues! I know they didn't give a MVP out but we all know it was Nick! Bourbonic + Ben if anyone was gonna knock us out i'm glad it was you guys! Great seeing you Alex and Matt glad we could sit down and be lazy on saturday. Quinn a pleasure as always. Pierre you're the fucking man! Joe Mankato good meeting you in person. Jeremy it was awesome to see you step it up with Sven and Ramon. Lafayette you were so close!! Dustin and John let's bring the big show to NA's! Thanks again to Jonny and Sam for all the heavy lifting to make this tourney happen! So many good times with good people that i'm sure i'm forgetting someone but y'all know i love you!

I'll get some more pics up later but first i gotta spend a few days recovering...

Midwest really is the best!