Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Final match from South-East regional qualifer

Wow... so that was a short video. Ya know when i looked at the results on Podium i thought "who the hell are all these people?" The ATX crew basically cleaned up, and obviously chris and eric are awesome, but i was expecting to see a few more slayers in the mix.. i don't know, i probably just don't travel south often enough. Or maybe that's why Chris Hammersly already moved to Lexington?

Either way, the real polo will be happening this weekend in Madison! Will the MKE continue their dynasty? Will Shultz's addition to Bourbonic Plague be enough to unseat the Beavers? Will Ann Arbor yet again prove why they are a true midwestern powerhouse? All that and more this weekend! So excited.



  1. thats the final...damn...shoulda bought a plane ticket to qualify..

  2. a number of people could not make the drive down to ft Lauderdale when it got moved there from Ashville, NC. also, do not underestimate the southeast just from watching a fluke final.