Thursday, May 3, 2012

Missouri FUNdraiser tourney - June 9th

Hell yeah a tournament in St.Louis?!?! I'd come out for that alone, but especially since all the proceeds are going to help send our boys Charlie Hill, Nick Kruse, and Ben Simon to Geneva for Worlds! They represent both the fun and serious sides of midwestern polo, and i know that if we can just get them across the pond they'll show the whole world why MIDWEST IS BEST!

See y'all there!



  1. Fun is guaranteed.

    Wild shit will probably happen in Mt. Pleasant Park while we're there. Past entertainment has included:

    -A murder hours after our Sunday pickup session.
    -Unlicensed boxing match between two dudes.
    -No pads full tackle football game in the field next to the rink.
    -Football argument/brawl.
    -Stunt bike gang meeting - Wheelies included.
    -South City dude with long rat tail doing moto wheelies through park.
    -Domestic dispute with 5+ cop cars.
    -14-girl girl was swinging a 2x4!

    This event will be a blast. Imagine The Lock-In but in tournament form.

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