Friday, May 25, 2012

Review in process- DZR + Time Atac

I'm finally making (or attempting) to make the transition to playing clipped in. Got myself some DZR Minna's and some Time Atac Alium pedals to match. Interestingly Quinn also got the exact same setup at the same time! (that's her feet pictured above) She already loves em. I'm withholding judgement til i play in them more, but after one night i've already learned that (1) the power transfer from yr legs to pedals almost doubles when you're clipped in and (2) i need more and better pads.

I will say the DZR's are really well made, with a stiff sole and a thick exterior that should last for years. My only concern so far is that on the right sole the plate seems to be a little "off" compared to the left shoe. The left is perfectly flat and super comfortable. On the right the plate is angled slightly up and hella hurts my foot when walking around. I don't notice it as much in the saddle, but come on i gotta walk on these things too... the Cardinal recommended doubling up on the insoles, and since i added a set a Dr.Scholl's to the mix i haven't really noticed the bump.. hopefully it stays that way.

More to come! Prolly including pictures of the new bruises i'm already starting to accumulate!