Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the Barrett Bar Brawl 2v2 in Louisville

This is invite only so if you're not already signed up you probably ain't going, but even if you don't play this is one shitshow you don't wanna miss! 2v2 in a 20x40 cage! with a coliseum-like balcony for the plebes to rain trash from! and the bar has tasty food in house! i'm predicting a record night of cheap beer sales for the B-Bar. Hope to see everyone there!



  1. No STL invite? Louisville and STL are officially feuding.

    1. JESUS CHRIST CHILDREN. we tried to keep it under wraps because we didn't think people would want to drive 4 hours for a 2v2 tourney at a venue we didn't know would work. we'd love to have you guys, just didn't want to disappoint anyone. although, i guess we do a good job of never throwing a tourney anyways. fuck it. polo party weekend is commencing, im inviting como too.

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