Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poly-carbonate mallet head

I finally got to play around with one this weekend. Not a fan.

It's too heavy and doesn't drill well. If you want an ultra light mallet you're better off with an ABS head. Sure the polycarb might last a little longer but in my opinion it ain't worth it. The polycarb has a stiff feel to it that makes soft traps and passes more difficult... it's kinda the opposite of the MILK mallet (which is very "soft" and responsive).

Of course, to each his own, so if you really want one grab it here.



  1. I tried it and didn't like it much either. I even installed a Rad Cap that was milled too small for 2" diameter heads. The polycarb seems to really "grab" the court compared to HDPE or UHMW which was the major turnoff for me.