Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mankato Joe gets a Joust!

So my friend Joe finally got a polo specific bike and as you can see he went straight for the tried and true, legacy-built, American-made Fleetvelo Joust. And in a pretty shade of white at that! It's a solid bike from top to bottom- salsa gordos, paul duplex lever, Truvativ cranks... he built it up right. Hell, it took me a year to put this decent of parts on my Joust!

Anyway, joe is rollin' right. Check it out at a Minnesota polo court near you!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Call Me Daddy wins the 2012 World Championship!

Check out what Greg posted on his facebook after getting home from Geneva!!! What a trophy!

Congrats to Greg, Will, and Po Lo on coming home with the win after last year's second place finish! I was a little sad to see them defeat the Guardians (twice) and play the spoiler as Cody, Dustin, and Julian finish second. They had a phenomenal year and i really thought they had the momentum to take worlds. I'm sooooo happy though that Clobber Politics took third! Robbie and Joe were absolutely stellar and either of them could've easily won MVP, all alongside our beloved commissioner Ben Shultz.

I really wish i could've been there. Great job again to all our North American teams. Especially Nick Dellwo who capped off an amazing season where he went from virtually unknown to one of the best slayers in the Midwest. Capt Jake and Pierre and Johnny and of course the Beavers you guys all played stellar polo, but sadly only one team can win...

Congrats again to Call Me Daddy. Now live it up, cause you got one year to enjoy it and a target on your back!


PS - Where do you guys think worlds will be next year???

Friday, August 17, 2012

World Championship - LIVE RIGHT NOW!

Why are you at this silly site?!?!

Go to http://whbpc2012.org/live RIGHT NOW!

In other news, sorry about the lull in posts lately. I've been busy with work, travel, and personal life. The season is winding down, which is ironically when my posting revs up. Stay tuned for lots of great stuff this fall!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photos from the 217 Shuffle in Decatur

Big ups to Gene Fruit for masterminding such a great tournament! Nate, Martha, Doug, the whole Decatur crew- you guys did a helluva job! It was a very laid back weekend capped by beautiful (almost autumn-like) weather. Of course then there's Nic Maglio who knocked out sensei Charlie Hill to take the individual win. A great weekend all around. Thanks to Fleetvelo, Arena Polo, Bern, Fixcraft, and all the sponsors who gave so many prizes! I don't think i've ever won a raffle in my life but that doesn't mean im gonna stop entering them anytime soon.

I hope there's more fun events like this in Decatur polo's future!

Full album link HERE.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Off to Decatur for the 217 Shuffle!

Never played a shuffle tournament before so i'm pretty excited about this! Plus dougie fresh has been trying to get me over there for what seems like years now. Excited to check out their permanent court, drink some whiskey, and see all my COMO friends! See y'all there!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just found my last few photos from NA's...

Hahahaa i love it! Didn't realize there was an extra folder on one of my SD cards and found the last few shots i took at NA's. This and the one below are pure gold!

Jake probably doesn't need anymore to drink at this point, but after a successful tourney and a hometown victory why the hell not!

Good luck next week in Geneva! Midwest represent!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Arena bike polo webstore is looking good!

Check out Arena Bike Polo's new site and webstore. They're getting a few more products in there and have a special deal on a bulk order of their flagship product Creamy shafts. Thanks to them too for sponsoring some of the smaller tourneys around the Midwest. I had the pleasure of winning some of their product at the B-Bar Brawl in Louisville and i heard they've also donate prizes for the 217 Shuffle happening in Decatur this weekend!

They also have a blog, where i ran across the following picture with the caption
"Creamy Shafts - they might bend but they sure don’t break...."

I respectfully beg to differ. I got one of the earliest shafts off Machine back at LA4 and built it up with a St.Cago single capper. It's a very strong shaft (also the heaviest of all the shafts on the market) but it certainly can break...

That's not to say it's a bad product or faulty in any way. But all shafts will eventually fail. It's not a matter of if, just when.


Bench Minor 3 draft order draw (aka the 2013 All-Star event)

Glad to see this historic event moving forward! Really wish i could be going up to Ottawa this year but time and money, my friend, time and money.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Tree City wins Indiana Summer League

A minor occasion not of much importance to most, but we did beat our rivals from Lafayette in some of the highest quality polo i've played all summer. After losing 3-2 during league day #1 we came back and defeated them 4-3 in league day #2. We both ended up atop the standings and ended up playing each other for the playoff finals best-of-three. We allowed two easy goals with 45 and 4 seconds left as "Lafayetis" won 4-3. In game two we were down 3-1 before coming back to win 5-3. Everyone was excited and it came down to the final match. We utilized a little bit of "tree city magic" while each team talked strategy. It worked. Evan scored right off the joust and it was all downhill from there! 5-0. Feels good man.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

First look: Fixcraft's polo specific gloves

I've used Franklin's "SX Comp 150" gloves for most of my "polo career". They're cheap, they have good padding, and the material in the palm is thick enough to last. That said they're really only good for a single season, and by the end of that season they're gonna start gettin' pretty janky. That's the exact problem i ran into at North Americans in Milwaukee last month. It was so god damn hot that the palm was stretching and the extra material would get caught on my mallet when i would rotate it in my hand (especially on those subtle motions needed to finish a shot or ball-handle around someone). Desperately looking for someone's gloves to borrow i ended up trying on Malakai's prototype Fixcraft gloves...

They work. They work really well. I've used many different types of hockey and lacrosse style gloves, and while those styles offer an abundance of protection they don't have nearly the dexterity that the Fixcraft gloves do. They also tend to wear the palm out really quickly, rendering $100+ gloves useless pretty quickly. Lots of guys have also worn the Mechanix work gloves that provide good dexterity, but terrible protection and at a high cost. The Fixcraft gloves are the perfect middle ground.

What would i change about them? Well for one the pair i have are size Large, while i should ideally be using a medium. Segmenting the finger protection would also be useful and provide a lil' more dexterity in the fingers, but that's not totally necessary. Also the velcro strip needs more length and space to it (i like to really cinch em down), but when i told Sean that he said they'd already made that change! So it sounds like Fixcraft is spot on with this product. And at the pricepoint they're at these will fill a sorely needed hole in the market. Franklin's are ~$20 while these will sell for ~$40. Of course the Northern Standard gloves are finally out (which my boy Evan has been wearing and will review on here soon) but they feature all sorts of accoutrements and different materials that elevates their cost to around $80. So these two products, while similar, are really competing with each other.

Of course Sean still hasn't pulled the trigger on the big order yet, so email him at yo@fixcraft.net and tell him you want a pair! There's nothing like a bit of mild harassment to get the ball rolling!