Monday, August 20, 2012

Call Me Daddy wins the 2012 World Championship!

Check out what Greg posted on his facebook after getting home from Geneva!!! What a trophy!

Congrats to Greg, Will, and Po Lo on coming home with the win after last year's second place finish! I was a little sad to see them defeat the Guardians (twice) and play the spoiler as Cody, Dustin, and Julian finish second. They had a phenomenal year and i really thought they had the momentum to take worlds. I'm sooooo happy though that Clobber Politics took third! Robbie and Joe were absolutely stellar and either of them could've easily won MVP, all alongside our beloved commissioner Ben Shultz.

I really wish i could've been there. Great job again to all our North American teams. Especially Nick Dellwo who capped off an amazing season where he went from virtually unknown to one of the best slayers in the Midwest. Capt Jake and Pierre and Johnny and of course the Beavers you guys all played stellar polo, but sadly only one team can win...

Congrats again to Call Me Daddy. Now live it up, cause you got one year to enjoy it and a target on your back!


PS - Where do you guys think worlds will be next year???


  1. Yeah NICK D!!! Now we just need to hear from MPLS about the midwest open.

  2. There are rumors of worlds being in Miami, Fl next year. Time will tell!

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