Monday, August 6, 2012

Tree City wins Indiana Summer League

A minor occasion not of much importance to most, but we did beat our rivals from Lafayette in some of the highest quality polo i've played all summer. After losing 3-2 during league day #1 we came back and defeated them 4-3 in league day #2. We both ended up atop the standings and ended up playing each other for the playoff finals best-of-three. We allowed two easy goals with 45 and 4 seconds left as "Lafayetis" won 4-3. In game two we were down 3-1 before coming back to win 5-3. Everyone was excited and it came down to the final match. We utilized a little bit of "tree city magic" while each team talked strategy. It worked. Evan scored right off the joust and it was all downhill from there! 5-0. Feels good man.



  1. 2010 - Year of Tree City
    2011 - Year of A Polo-III
    2012 - Year of Tree City

    We need our name on that trophy again come October 13th


  2. And you played on the best court in the state.