Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bike polo loves DZR

Or is it DZR loves bike polo? Either way i've been seeing tons of new kicks on the court this year, myself included. When i finally made the switch to playing clipped in i wanted a normal looking shoe that i could wear everyday- not any of that spacey plastic road racing bullshit. I'm sure those types of shoes work fine, but i ain't carrying around an extra pair every time i wanna ride my bike. Hell, my polo bag is already so full of gear i'm about ready to upgrade to a hockey bag!

Pictured about are the Dice Black's worn by the world famous Chris Simpson. DZR started sponsoring the Milwaukee polo club this year and all those guys have been trying out the different models. I've been wearing the all black Minna's for about 5 months now and after Minneapolis this weekend i'll be posting my full review. It's not a circlejerk if that's what you're expecting- I've had some real issues with em, but i wanna put em through this final test before i make my judgment.

And who knows, maybe DZR will start making doggy boots for all those fly pups that are already sporting hoodies ;)



  1. I am looking forward to your review now.

  2. hah! yeah i'm gonna give them some time to respond first, but "real issues" turned out to be fairly foreboding comment...

  3. where's your columbus write-up?! We worked hard to get you all that swag!