Monday, October 8, 2012

Midwest Open 3 - this weekend in Minneapolis!

Here we go! So excited to head back up to Minneapolis. One of my favorite clubs in one of my favorite cities playing in one of my favorite tournaments- can this get any better?!? Of course after scraping ice off my windshield this morning i decided to check the weather... yeah, i'll be bringing my long underwear for this one.

Word is there's gonna be a livestream so if you can't make it at least you can watch from a distance! I plan on playing deep into the brackets, but if for some reason Capt Jake, Meg Lee and i get knocked out i'll try to do my best Machine impression for those at home.

...and for those lacking the time or money to go all the way to Minnesota there's always the Mitten Mayhem tournament up in Grand Rapids! My apologies to those guys for missing Michigan's first real tournament, but i owe it to a long time friend to visit MPLS this year and the Open is my only opportunity. Best of luck to all y'all! Especially my Indiana boys Stas, Robbie, and Tom!



  1. lack of time and money? pshh, lack of interest.