Thursday, October 4, 2012

Northern Standard pitch their business on TV

Alright, i'm breaking my silence for this. When ken and max were showing me their new gear (including that awesome prototype head) at NA's this year i never would've expected that the next time i saw them would be on national television pitching the company to venture capitalists. I'd never heard of this show til now, but reading up on it seems like it has the potential to really increase the visibility of the sport. Now selling off 20% of your company for $75k... not sure how i feel about that. Obviously they need the money to take things to the next level, but then again people like Sean from Fixcraft have done fine on their own. I know most players (myself included) are suspicious/cautious about businesses trying to cash in on our sport... obviously max and ken will still run everything and they'll be able to produce a lot more product, i'm just uneasy (or eager?) to see how this will influence where they go from here.

Still, it's cool as hell to see polo promoted on such a grand stage and i wish those guys the best! I do love their traditional shafts cause they have the lightest weight and least flex of any of the options out there. Hopefully this influx of cash will mean a flood of new products!



  1. Damn...that is crazy

  2. let the bastardization of bike polo begin.

  3. I basically begged for that lax shaft at NA's and they wouldn't sell me one, so guess that five grand came from the ski pole design? maybe now I can finally get my hands on one.



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