Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photos from the Midwest Open 3 in MPLS

Full album link HERE. Keep in mind i'm not a photographer, just some guy with a camera. I'm absolutely terrible at action shots but at least i occasionally capture something neat.

What can i say about the open other than it was fucking awesome! Minneapolis i absolutely love you guys! I'm kinda sad that i spent almost as much time in transit as i did in the city, but i'm already eager to go north again as soon as possible! many thanks to Kelli, Ebbin, Bryan, Jeremy, Meg, Jake, Nick, Aren, and all the others that made this trip possible for me! I'd like to say more at the moment but i'm still wiped out for the long trip and having to immediately get back to the grind.

And yes, i do have something to say about that final goal. I'll save that for tomorrow though.