Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bike polo videogame!?!

Reminds me of Ice Hockey for NES. Obviously these little dudes have great ball handling since they never drop the ball! Pretty simple, but also pretty fun. Easy way to waste a lil bit of time at work eh?


Monday, December 10, 2012

Victory cigars and trophy improvement

Recent shot of Tree City with the Indiana State Championship trophy. Notice how a large wooden based has been attached since it was last in our possession. Big thanks to Tyler Hoehn (of A-Polo III)'s pops for the big improvement! It has space for at least 30 plaques so suffice to say this trophy is gonna be around for a while. We're already eyeing a few more subtle improvements- namely a copper outline of the state for the upper section and a cog & mallet plaque for the bottom section.

While it might not be as epic as the Emerald City Open trophy it's still pretty damn cool and getting better each year!

Thanks for the cigars Indy!