Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lock-in #3 vs #4

This was this year.. things started getting weird in the wee hours of the morning..

For reference, here was last year..

It wasn't so much that things changed, rather they evolved.  Lock-in #3 may have listened to the Vengabus approximately 75 times, but Lock-in #4 had a live ska band play the song on a court-side platform!  This party gets bigger and better and crazier each year.. hell, last year there were only a handful of people up from 4-7am and games were only stacked 3 or 4 deep- this year the shortest the stack ever got was 12 games!

Ii wouldn't trade it for anything.  I'd explain, but i can't.  You gotta be there.


[thank you Tori!  please record more of the stupid stuff we all do]


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