Thursday, March 28, 2013

There and Back Again

The original name for The Hobbit was There and Back Again.  It was an epic journey by an unassuming fellow who saw great things.  I know that title sounds a bit ostentatious for this mediocre blog, but my trip to Seattle was quite the adventure.  Not the jaw dropping, dragon slaying type of adventure, but the honest, refreshing journey where you see new things and meet new people and learn something new about yourself.  My trip out Seattle was also a homecoming of sorts- i spent my childhood on Phinney Ridge across from the zoo before moving north to Greenwood- but it was also a look towards the future.  The last time I was in Seattle I was living with my aunt during a self-imposed exile after personal life turmoil in Indiana.  But one of the last things I discovered before returning east was bike polo.  Quite fortuitous to say the least!  The past four years bicycle polo has offered me both stability and escape while bringing me closer to both new friends and old.  Going out to Seattle brought all these sentiments together.  Not only did i learn new tricks and strategies on the court, but it's helped me make sense of my life off the court.  I never thought a silly game such as this would turn into a life-long journey, but it has.  Polo means a lot to me.  All of you, my friends who read this, mean a lot to me.  Without getting too sappy i'll just say i'm more optimistic about polo than ever!

And now that i'm back in the shire of southern Indiana i have a whole lot of posting to do!



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